Thermarest Neo Air Shortie Sleeping Mat


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What the Manufacturer says:

At 3-inches thick, with a horizontal baffled structure, the XLite NXT delivers maximum comfort and support at a minimal weight and packed size. Weighing just 326g and providing a 4-season ready 4.5 R-value, the XLite NXT is the most versatile ultralight sleeping pad on the market, ready to craft better nights under the stars wherever you end up.


  • Quiet Rest: Improved internal construction reduces noise by 83% compared to previous model.
  • Thicker But Not Heavier: A 3-inch (7.6 cm) thick profile delivers premium backcountry comfort while weighing the same as the previous model.
  • Year-Round Warmth: ThermaCapture technology and Triangular Core Matrix construction radiate body heat and reduce convective heat loss to deliver a 4.5 R-value, good for year-round

What we say:

This is a shortie so take that into account when daydreaming about reaching camp at the end of a long walk, this is not the comforting embrace of a full length sleeping mat.

If you are after pure function and weight this is the sleeping mat for you, the above description is for a regular length and the weight of this mat is closer to 200g. It is tiny in your pack and its thickness and R-value mean that it is comfortable and warm (for most of your body).

We would advise using this mat if you want to be as light as possible whilst still maintaining some comfort, we would opt for a different mat if we were going camping in a relaxing environment.

If you do choose to use this mat a couple of tricks we found make it more comfortable, and in colder conditions warm, are:

  • Put your sit pad (some of our bags have sit pads built into their design) under your lower legs for insulation.
  • Put your empty bag under your legs to bring your body onto the same level.
  • Combine with a fold out insulated mat for insulation in colder months.