OCUN Bouldering Mat


£2.00 / night

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What the manufacturer says:

Featuring a two-piece design that can be set-up either width-ways or length-ways, Ocun’s Paddy Sundance boulder pad is an all-rounder that boasts both an intelligent design and more features than you can shake your brush at. At a very modest price, the Sundance’s padded backpack straps are constructed of Ocun’s high-tech Webee padding, these can also be readjusted to become a cross-body shoulder strap and assure the pad remains lightweight, whilst providing all of the comfort needed for even the most grueling boulder pursuit. It’s handles on the sides make re-placing your pad under a boulder effortless and efficient; whether your partner is on the most dynamic climb imaginable, or you just want to drag your new pad across the forest floor in search of your next project.

The Sundance offers an outer constructed from reinforced, weather-resistant nylon with an ultra grippy and durable base, this assures the pad will not slide around, and keeps the dual-density foam inside protected and in the correct position. The Sundance provides optimal cushioning and shock absorption all at a very reasonable price, it’s an absolute must for any keen boulderer starting out or adding to their gear arsenal.

What we think:

Its a bouldering mat, it may look like a beautiful portable mattress but that would be wrong. We thought the same as you, and we slept on it so you don’t have to. Its pretty rough. I’d definitely do it again though, so take from that what you will.