Folding Foam Trekking Mattress – MT500 – 180 x 55 cm – 1 person


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What the Manufacturer says:

Our team designed this multi-purpose, folding mattress to protect you from the ground when camping.

370g. 180 x 55 x 2cm. Foam mattress – the most versatile mat and very lightweight (R-value 2.1). 10-year guarantee – Accordion folding design.

What we say:

R-values are important when it comes to picking your sleeping mat. You could have a toasty sleeping bag but if you’re not adequately covering where you sleep the ground will sap away your heat.

As a rule of thumb we tend to look at R-values like this:

0 – 1 = Summer

1 – 2 = Summer and fair weather three-season use

2 – 3 = Three Season

3 – 4 = Four Season (but not consistently below freezing)

4+  = Four Season

With the Forclaz being 2.1 we would advise three season use but we have doubled it up with other mats to improve its thermal capacity and its comfort for camping in cold weather.