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How do I become a member of Gear Share?

Please visit the membership information page, after choosing a plan, please ring the contact number.

How does the reservation process work?

The reservation process works through the website. Simply add your gear to the basket and follow the steps, the gear will then be on site ready for you on the day you organised to pick it up.

What happens if I damage or lose borrowed gear?

Accidents happen, if the equipment is damaged or lost it is best to get in touch with us straight away and we will be able to talk about what the next steps are together.

What are the different plans and their benefits?

There are two membership types and both come with their strengths based on your needs, visit our membership page to find out more.

What types of gear can I borrow from Gear Share?

We have an ever growing collection of gear that you can see in the “Our Gear” section of the website. If you want to be kept up to date with new items it is worth subscribing to the newsletter.

Can I extend the borrowing period for gear?

If there is no one borrowing after you then you can extend your loan through the website but otherwise you need to return the gear on the day you previously outlined.

How do I know if a specific gear item is available?

Our website has a reservation section for each item and so it will be clear if it is available.

Is Gear Share available in locations outside of Stockport?

Not yet! We haven’t done this kind of thing before but we would love to live in a world of shared ownership and affordable equipment borrowing. If you are interested in setting up something similar and want to know how its going for us please reach out!

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How do I find The Gear Share?

Go onto the location page and follow the map! We are on Stockport Market in the back of 20th Century.

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