Collective Ownership

Our Collective Ownership model defines how we operate.

What is this page?

You may see us refer to our collective ownership model, we talk about it a lot because we think that it’s a brilliant solution to combat rampant consumerism and get essential equipment into the hands of the community. On this page we outline how it works and best of all, how you can get involved.

How does the collective ownership model operate?

The collective ownership model operates in a way that guarantees all parties are satisfied and the community benefits throughout. This is achieved by transparent communication with all of our members who wish to contribute some of their much loved gear.

How does it work?


To enter equipment into the Gear Share you have to first become a member. You can become a member here.


Pick the equipment you would like to enter into the Gear Share. One of our first pieces of gear was an 8 person tent, the owner felt that as they only used it once a year the tent could be used by other members at other times, subsequently freeing up space in their home. Items that can be brought to the Gear Share differ, and if you would like to add something to the collective please check our desired items list or drop us an email.


Pick one of the ownership models.

MODEL 2: We buy your gear over time

We always love a piece of donated equipment because it can just enter straight into collective
ownership but we are aware that this is not always realistic and giving up a piece of equipment can
incur a financial loss to its owner. This is where our unique solution comes into play.


We offer the ability to slowly buy your equipment from you in the following way:

Provide your equipment (for example the 8 person tent) to us for collective use whilst agreeing a price that the tent is worth. In this example the tent is worth around £200 as it is 10 years old and is well loved. We then agree, between Gear Share staff and the Gear Share member, that the tent will probably get another 40 nights of use. This works out at £5 a night, the Gear Share then adds a small amount on top of this base price to cover the costs of the business, such as rent, insurance, and administrative fees. This is
then added to the £5 a night (which is kept to one side for the owner) to create the daily fee, in this example £10 a day.

The tent is then offered out in the library for other members to use for the daily fee. The daily fee then over time accumulates into the price agreed for the tent, the original £200. The tent ownership then passes to the gear share if the tent is still operating and the owner can choose to withdraw their £200 or allow the Gear Share to reinvest it in another tent to replace the first, restarting the
Similarly, if the owner wishes to remove their tent from the Gear Share then they may do so at any
point and collect the accumulated money that has built up.

You may be wondering, can I still use my equipment?

Of course! All items of equipment are given a code that allows you to take out items you own for free. You can use this code to give to friends and family just as you would lend your own equipment out, but note that the time that you use your equipment will be removed from the overall price of the equipment if you have chosen to sell it to the Gear Share.
For example; for each night the owner of the 8 person tent wishes to use the tent the daily £5 is removed from the end price. So if the owner uses the tent for 10 nights out of the 40 nights agreed as its lifetime then the end price would be £150 rather than £200.

How do you get involved?

If you think that this idea is as good as we do and you would like to donate or sell your equipment to the gear share, we would love to hear from you. It is always helpful if you have become a member as you can be kept up to date on our activities and desired equipment lists, but if you aren’t sure yet and you would just like to discuss getting involved further, reach out to us!
Please use the contact form below and one of our helpful Gear Share members will get back to you as soon as possible.