About our mission

We want to make outdoor exploration accessible for you

We are passionate about nature

The Gear Share’s primary objective is facilitating your connection with the outdoors. By creating a simple and accessible collective ownership model, we have removed the costs that you would incur purchasing equipment, and facilitate access with guidance and support. 

The Gear Share keeps a library of products that can be borrowed for your next adventure at a cost that wont break the bank.

This means you can go out fully equipped, safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need. Moreover, all profits get reinvested back into the library, meaning there is even more for the community to borrow.

Web developer Will climbing in New Mills

Members of The Gear Share have access to a full library of equipment as well as a whole host of other benefits as well, like events, workshops, and knowledge sharing. 

The problems with the current model

and how The Gear Share is working to fix it.

Lanfilll site with birds flying over

Curbing Overproduction

Consumerism perpetuates a cycle of overproduction, leading to resource depletion and increased waste. The Gear Share’s model directly challenges this by encouraging sharing, thus extending the reach and life cycle of products. Members can access the gear they need without the pressure to constantly purchase, curbing the production of new items that may quickly become obsolete.


A landscape view of Kinder Scout, Cloudy day

Mitigating Environmental Impact

Traditional consumerism contributes significantly to carbon emissions, pollution, and the exploitation of finite resources. Gear Share’s focus on shared usage reduces the need for new manufacturing, contributing to lower carbon footprints and reduced strain on the environment. Through collective responsibility, Gear Share aligns with a sustainable ethos, fostering awareness and accountability for the planet’s well-being.

Meet the team

Get to know the individuals who fuel the Gear Share mission

Founding member George Sutton on a hike

George Sutton

George is one of the founding members of Stockport Gear Share. He is an experienced through hiker and enjoys camping and hiking in the Peak District. George leads guided walks in Greater Manchester with GM Ringway and with the Gear Share. 

A picture of founding member Jacob Booth.

Jacob Booth

Jacob is one of the founding members of Stockport Gear Share. An avid outdoors enthusiast with a passion for wild swimming. Jacob enjoys hikes, as long as they lead to a body of water he can jump in.